M-Audio Fast Track Ultra

Do you want to be able to record 4-8 channels at the same time and have two separate headphones mixes going at once? Then M-Audio might be your right choice.
The m-audio fast track ultra is an advanced audio interface that delivers simultaneous 8x8 24-bit/96kHz audio via M-Audio's rock-solid low-latency drivers so you can record and route lots of audio. The MX Core DSP technology gives you flexible channel routing, monitor submixing, and effects processing to make handling all those audio signals straightforward and easy. 4 preamps with award-winning M-Audio Octane preamp circuitry give you premium sound. 

USB 2.0 delivers the high bandwidth necessary for professional 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution throughout the recording and monitoring process. The increased data speed lets you enjoy exceptional fidelity on all of your inputs and outputs simultaneously.
You won't find a box this size with 4 built in preamps and 2 headphone outs. The preamps sound quality is good and you can easily slip this box in your laptop bag and go record anywhere!
So whether you're a professional music or audio recorder or wanting a high quality sound, this well packed box is a great choice.
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